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About Us

Vivian & Toby (Owners)

Vivian always had a soft spot for dogs, and has been actively placing unwanted animals her entire life. Originally from Colombia, Vivian grew up in Westchester and is a graduate of Tufts University and CUNY School of Law. She spent a few years as a hi-tech public relations executive, and then practiced as an environmental insurance claims attorney for over 15 years.

Toby, an Idaho native and outdoor enthusiast, grew up surrounded by animals his whole life. Toby is also a graduate of Tufts University, and worked as an environmental consultant for over 24 years.

Together, Vivian and Toby have shared their life with two Whippets (Barley and Dylan – RIP), two rescued Pitbulls (Zeli and Ketchum – RIP) and one Toy Cockapoo (Pete - RIP). They currently live in Crown Heights with two Whippets (Demi and Rocket), who share the responsibilities of HouseBroken's CPO (Chief Pet Officer).

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Bari & Cait

Bari and Cait have been part of the HouseBroken team since 2018. They live in Brooklyn with their two tiny friends, Meatball the chihuahua and Tupelo the tiny fluffy mystery dog. They are both theater artists and teachers, and have lived all over the country. They love getting to know the pups of the neighborhood!

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Jenna is a Long Island native and Brooklyn transplant. She immediately found a job (and home!) with HouseBroken in early 2019, and never looked back. Jenna is a true animal lover, having homed two dalmatians, two fish, a cat, a hedgehog and a skinny pig throughout her life. After having worked in a kennel and with dogs for so long, she realized being with animals all day is what she wants to do for the rest of her life. Jenna's dream is to one day own a farm big enough to rescue all sorts of animals and create a sanctuary. Until that time comes, she's thrilled to be dog walking and pet sitting as many dogs that she can possibly fit into her schedule and apartment, which she shares with her Dalmatian, Morty.

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Lacey joined HouseBroken in early 2020. She grew up in California and made her way out to New York for college. After Lacey graduated from SUNY Purchase with a degree in theatre, she stayed to pursue her career. While building her career, she wanted to get a job that she would actually enjoy -- and here it is at HouseBroken! Being able to take care of animals is a big passion of Lacey's. She grew up with animals in her house and always feels the need to be around them.

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Maya joined the HouseBroken family in 2019. They grew up in Ohio caring for all types of animals ranging from kittens to cows and is now a bass player living in Crown Heights.

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Swedish born Paulina first came to New York in 2014 to study dance. Her love for animals and physical activity is what made her find her way to the HouseBroken team in 2018. Growing up with different kinds of animals and always volunteering to take care of her friends' pets, gifted her the ability to build meaningful bonds with her furry friends - even on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. When she’s not holding a leash, snuggling a guinea pig, or petting a cat, you can find her in a dance studio practicing her moves or at a circus facility in an aerial hoop improving her techniques. 

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Tyler is a recent NYC transplant from Michigan, and has been working for HouseBroken since 2019. He received his Master's Degree in Music from Michigan and moved to NYC to pursue his dream of Broadway. Tyler has always been an animal lover and has always had dogs in his life. That’s what made him want to work for HouseBroken and get to see cute smiling faces every day. Tyler currently lives with his Newfypoo named Parker.

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