Pet Sitting

Our Brooklyn pet sitting services can be provided at your home or at one of our employee's depending on availability. 

An entire 24-hour period is the minimum charge for pet sitting. If multiple days are scheduled, and the final day is less than 24 hours, it will be prorated in 12-hour increments.

Please note that we require a non-refundable deposit of one 24-hour

period, in order to reserve and book your requested pet sitting services.


-Add $10 to rate for each additional pet

-Add $25 to the total pet sitting bill if one of your sitting days includes a major holiday (see FAQs for a list of major holidays)

Pet transportation (subject to availability)

Pet transportation may be available for your convenience. An additional $25 will be added to the total pet sitting bill for each one-way transport. Contact us for specific rates if you need transportation outside of HouseBroken’s service area.


Standard Rate

$90 (per 24-hour period)*
$55 (per 12-hour period)*

This rate is for one dog, and is applicable to clients who have non-repeating dog walking/puppy visit schedules set-up with HouseBroken.

Preferred Rate

$75 (per 24-hour period)*
$70 (per 24-hour period) if length of sitting is five or more days*
$45 (per 12-hour period)*

These rates are for one dog, and are applicable to clients who have existing repeating dog walking/puppy visit schedules set-up with HouseBroken.

*All services and surcharges are subject to 8.875% for New York sales tax.